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Who I am

Mi name is Giuseppe, and I live in Italy near Milan. When I was 11 years old I read my first fantasy book, "The Hobbit", and there started my interest for fantasy worlds. I soon started to play Heroquest and then Warhammer, where I found my attention drawn to the scenic elements –it was then that my interest for medieval architecture and scenery first sparked. Two years later, I found the fantastic world of Dungeons and Dragons -the game that gave me the last push in my interest in tabletop gaming props.

When I can I travel around Europe in search for castles,filling my camera with new photos of medieval architecture and scenery.
In 2010 I created "Minimondi di Capochino", a website for gaming props and modelism that has become a gathering place for many hobbyists on the net.
So in the end this is me: a weird guy who travels a lot, searching for inspiration shooting photos at medieval walls and structures.

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